Fleetwood Mac Tribute Album , album details
Tribute To Fleetwood Mac, Blues Years

Compilation by Blue Flame Records with an introduction by Bob Brunning. There are three tracks by The Groundhogs


(Playing: Short clip from 'One Sunny Day')

1My Heart Beat Like A Hammer (J. Spencer)Family Style
2She's Real (E. Boyd)Family Style
3Show-Biz Blues (P. A. Green)P. McGinley & J Mercik
4Lazy Poker (P. A. Green & C. G. Adams)P. Giomo, M. Bartoli, F & M Limido & D. Bianchi
5I Loved Another Woman (P. A. Green)Bob Brunning De Luxe Blues Band
6The World Keep On Turning (P. A. Green, Maxwell Street, Jimmy Davis)Jet Martin
7Fleetwood Mac (P. A. Green)Family Style
8Like Crying (D Kirwen)F & M Limido & D. Bianchi
9Looking For Somebody (P. A. Green)Family Style
10Stop Messin' Round (P. A. Green & C. G. Adams) Groundhogs
11I'm Coming Home To Stay (J Spencer)Slawek
12Drifting (P. A. Green)Family Style
13One Sunny Day (D. Kirwan)Groundhogs
14Rambling Pony Blues (P. A. Green)P. Giomo, M. Bartoli, G Robba
15Oh Well (P. A. Green)Andy J Forest, M. Limido & Luca Tonani
16I've Lost My Baby (J. Spencer)Groundhogs
17Sandy Mary (P. A. Green)Jet Martin
18Leaving Town Blues (P. A. Green)Fried Okra Jones
19Watch Out (P. A. Green)Andy J. Forest
20Albatross/Black Magic Woman (P. A. Green) & I Need Your Love So Bad (Little Willie John)Family Style