Skyward fly the Eagles as the Hawks search out their prey,
Seaward fly the seagulls.catching fish beneath the spray,
For their young amongst the shingle to feed them for the day,
Look back on this and linger seeking thoughts of yesterday.

I recall all the scenes, forgotten dreams of pastures green,
Grey, clouds all day provide a screen,
From the sun that parched the land and robbed the sea.
Left the dried-up,burnt-out sand.

And the Moon. mirror of the Sun, night-light of the World,
Drags a blanket of cooling sea across the sand in furls,
In the night when the stars provide a reason for Man to strive,
He reasons that's the reason He's alive.

Let the Stars in the Firmament remain as bait,
For the people whose only wish is to leave their home, let them wait,
Their impatience is only matched by a misunderstanding of their fate,
Let them get their priorities straight.