The days that you're gone, I can't stand the silence,
The hours that you're here, I can't stand your presence,
The starlight that shone from your eyes in the beginning,
Now blinds me with hate for you and all women,
The ties that should bind I want to cut into pieces,
The paper I signed collects dirt in it's creases,
But while you're away I can't stand the longing,
I detest being tied down but love the belonging.

It's strange how this change in our relations brings you nearer,
It's wierd how I fear for our position is much clearer,
I understand that it's underhanded to want to desert you,
But every time you're here then I'm filled with a need to hurt you,
It's only one thing that stops me from commiting murder,
And that's the thought of losing you and I can't go no further,
('Cos ) I love you, miss ogyny (X4)