Thinking 'bout the prospects of the future,
Thinking 'bout conditions in the past.
Thinking 'bout the people in my own time,
How long their future's gonna last.

Read about the Spanish inquisition,
Read about the witch-hunt's of those days,
Things have only changed in outward appearance,
Cruelty is integral in man's ways.

For we all applaud the surgeon,
saving lives and mending limbs,
Does he use his latent sadism,
For his work is pretty grim.


Hunting is the vehicle for some men,
To satisfy their baser needs,
Sport is the label for this depravity,
A distortion of the need to feed.

Innocents should never have to suffer,
With their lives for the pleasure of the few,
An alternative is always available,
look at it from a different view.

This decade has seen a new way,
To curb this unfortunate trait,
Let music be the hunter,
and keep your conscience straight.